Paris, France

Maison Cardinal Furstemberg
Luxury House ☆☆☆☆☆

Set in the most prestigious village of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. 
In the curve of a narrow street where mystery abounds, at the heart of French History.
It is here that Maison Cardinal Furstemberg opens its doors exclusively for you. 

This gem of French heritage never fails to take even Parisians most in the know by surprise. 
With its discreet façade in an area steeped in history and secrets, and the twists and turns of History, this is the ultimate in luxury for a Parisian getaway permeated with culture. 
Tucked away in the village of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, this pied-à-terre is just waiting to be discovered, artfully taking you on a journey: reaching far back into the History of Paris at its noblest, and the breadth and depth of the art of living, French style. 


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Staying right in the heart of the History of France


Settle in and make yourself at home in the residence of Cardinal Guillaume-Egon de Fürstemberg, in the trust of Louis XIV who, in 1697, appointed him Abbot of Saint-Germain-des-Prés Abbey. 

Experience the truly discreet privilege afforded by the residence, in which this powerful man spent his twilight years after a life rich in intrigue and influence. 

Elegantly preserved, in keeping with its graceful gothic architecture, the residence today exudes luxury, peace and quiet and rare contemporary prestige. For outstanding comfort, Maison Cardinal Furstemberg offers its sumptuous conviviality with a host of thoughtful touches. 

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Services included

In an ideally intimate setting, Maison Cardinal Furstemberg will be your own resolutely private estate throughout your stay. That said, just call our dedicated reception desk at any time of the day or night and we will be delighted to cater to your every need. The choice is yours: you can ask us to make a booking for a cultural event, a gastronomic experience, an airport transfer… or any other request you may have to make your stay here perfect. And, naturally, your Parisian home will be taken care of thoroughly every day by our attentive team.

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  • Family weekend Concierge service
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Cardinal de Fürstemberg’s unique personality is the inspiration for its unequivocally comfortable décor, which is peppered with myriad subtly bold touches. The Master Bedroom is the perfect place for enchantment and reverie, with its hushed plush gold and cardinal velvet. The oak panelling and sparkling pendants add to the feeling of privacy and never fail to surprise: raise the curtain, the adjoining bathroom is a revelation… with its stunning view overlooking the lounge. 

In the same vein as this laid-back opulence, the other two, enchanting, bedrooms are monastic in size only. In the hollow of two small wraparound alcoves, the soft cosy bed, in turn, will ensure a good night’s sleep filled with dreams beyond the centuries. In their respective shower rooms, the marble mosaics and the row of lancet mirrors are a reminder that resolutely refined luxury has a flair for being both classic and discreet. 


1 King Size bed 200 x 200 cm (or 2 single beds)
55-inch TV (Netflix)
1 sofa bed 90 x 200 cm
Air conditioning/heating

1 bed 140 x 200 cm
50-inch TV (Netflix)
Air conditioning/heating

1 bed 140 x 200 cm
50-inch TV (Netflix)
Air conditioning/heating

Double sink
Separate toilet



Living areas

Endowed with a true sense of harmony and History, Maison Cardinal Furstemberg opens its doors wide to guests appreciate the charm of a heritage cultivated over the centuries. The residence has stood the test of time like no other, exuding unique cachet, whose every detail sublimates its grace from surprise to intrigue. 

Echoing the opulence cherished by Cardinal Guillaume-Egon de Fürstemberg, is the majestic Lounge: high ceilings, stately library, trompe-l'œil vaults, lattice ironwork door, Cosmatesque chess table, lavish flooring, and antechamber for confidences. From the wainscoting to the purple damask, the lounge reveals the ultimate in exquisite comfort to our discerning guests, who will delight in this privilege.
Over the centuries, the imperial-style Meeting Room has remained true to its name, as it is a befitting setting for both working and getting together with other inveterate gourmets at the dining table. Out of consideration for the man who gave his name to the neighbouring Rue Bonaparte, this plush room pays a loosely adapted tribute to Napoleon.

Apart from the precious reminiscences of the past, everyone will however feel quiet at home in the present day: the Kitchen, with its relaxed open-plan bar design is fitted out with resolutely 21st-century equipment, including a sophisticated sound system and full connectivity, which offer tailor-made enjoyment during your stay.

Fully equipped open-plan kitchen
Hotplate (4 burners)
Coffee machine
Bar with 3 stools
Air conditioning/heating

Corner sofa bed (2 single beds)
75-inch TV (Netflix)
Fireplace (decoration)
Bose® sound system
Board games
Air conditioning/heating

9 seats
Large round table
55-inch TV (Netflix)
Air conditioning/heating


Alcoves of wellness

Today, the only religion that is observed here is perhaps wellness, in the greatest discretion. A short flight of stairs will take you there. Go for a dip in the Roman pool then walk into the steam of the hammam, and the most poetic of secrets, for this haven of relaxation set in vaulted cellars to Saint-Germain-des-Prés Abbey, via a hidden tunnel. At the time, the Cardinal took great pains to have a secret passageway dug out, where he could come and go, observe and spy on proceedings, as he saw fit. 

What would he have thought of the truly venial sin of coquetry? In practice, indulging yourself in a little self-pampering is nothing short of honourable at Maison Cardinal Furstemberg. The Beauty room features an array of professional fixtures and fittings, which include an ideally lit dressing-room mirror, a shampoo basin and a barber’s chair, in addition to a massage table ready for use by expert hands. As committing to a healthy body can involve a challenging workout, the Fitness room is also equipped with a range of exercise machines that will challenge even the most exacting of users.

Massage table
Shampoo station
Hair dryer
Beard trimmer

Weight training equipment and accessories
Exercise mats


Roman pool
Counter-current swimming system



As beauty and grooming also go hand in hand with hygiene, practicality needs to be play an implicit role in the House’s impeccable comfort. Maison Cardinal Furstemberg has been designed with great attention to the minutest detail, for everyone’s convenience. 

The house is equipped with 5 toilets: two on the first floor, two on the first floor and one in the basement.

Washing machine
Tumble dryer
Ironing board


Fulfilling your every wish

Entering a treasure trove as well preserved as Maison Cardinal Furstemberg is, from the outset, synonymous with a certain art of living, one to surely be remembered. What will your memory be? A special occasion for close family or friends, a business event bringing together specially invited guests… The residence will happily conform to meet all your needs. 

Whether you require a catering service or at-home chef, made-to-measure party decoration, or wish to set up a meeting or a select presentation, the Concierge service at Maison Cardinal Furstemberg will do its utmost to provide a customised service tailored to your needs… even beyond the Rue Cardinale, thereby ensuring that you make the most of your stay in the French capital.


Extras (fee)

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Saint Germain-des-Prés is without a doubt so much more than a Parisian quarter: it is a state of mind, the very essence of the Left Bank at its most loquacious. Maison Cardinal Furstemberg takes you to the very heart and soul of Saint-Germain-des-Prés which, from era to era, generation to generation, perpetuates its unique intellectual footprint and unobtrusive elegance. Here, you are right by its emblematic church —a jewel in the French heritage crown par excellence. Here, you will find the iconic terraces of the Deux Magots and Flore, the BDM (Bar du Marché), and the photogenic Place de Fürstenberg and its labyrinth of streets with intriguing names, each with its plethora of “in” clubs and restaurants, highly desirable luxury goods Houses, art galleries and publishers, all in the spirit of the age. The places where truly urban and urbane vibrancy communes with village charm, smooth-talking insiders and more contemplative souls… just happy to take in this part of Paris as they go, in all its authenticity, and well and truly inhabited.


  • Luxury Wi-Fi
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  • Luxury Alarm system
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